Pleiades Bridal Design Studio - Restore, Restyle, Create your Wedding Gown
So glad you're here, because this is FUN!! 

If you are  lucky enough to have a family gown but it is just not your cup of tea, consider restyling.

Or perhaps you want to keep that fine lady as she is, but clean and resize her.

Maybe you have found that almost perfect gown in a picture, but want to have it designed with your ideas.  DONE!

Custom gown

Custom Gowns
Custom Gowns

Restyled 1940's Gown

 : Restyled Grandmother's 1930's gown
Restyled Grandmother's 1930's gown
Grandmother's 1955 gown
Grandmother's 1955 gown
 : Restyled Gown
Restyled Gown

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